Gel Brush Stroke

Our Gel Brush Stroke option is an actual gel applied directly to the canvas after printing and stretching. We use a clear acrylic gel that is hand painted on the surface of the canvas to give it the look and feel of a real oil painting.

First we apply the standard varnish that we use on all of our canvas photo prints. We then apply the gel finish and hand paint the canvas to mimic the strokes on an actual painting. The z-gel dries hard retaining the brush strokes with all of the peaks and valleys.


The clear gel not only gives your canvas a distinct look, but also protects your canvas from abrasion. The additional UV inhibitor adds additional projection from UV light and fading.

We highly recommend using the Gel Brush Stroke finish in combination with the painterly effect. The painterly effect is a digital painting process done before the print is made. The combination of the digital Painterly Effect and the hand painted Gel Brush Stroke is the best way of achieving a more realistic “oil painting” look.

We offer 3 different styles of gel brushing..

Please choose option 1, 2 or 3 when ordering Gel Brush Stroke. You can also provide additional information on your specific requests in our order comments.