Canvas Varnish Sealant

On every canvas we produce, we apply a special varnish sealant after printing your image.  The varnish does not yellow over time and it helps protect the canvas from harmful UV light and seals the inks to prevent water damage. We use Breathing Color's Glamour II Giclee Veneer Gloss. This amazing varnish was specifically developed to enhance and protect fine art and photographic prints that are produced on inkjet printers. It helps keep your image resistant to fading, and protect it against moisture and abrasion.

If you have a special canvas project that you wish to paint over or embellish after production, no worries. The Glamour II Veneer has been known to work well with various artist paints for added enhancements or embellishments. However it is always recommended that you perform a test on a small portion first. Oil paints seem to work well on a varnished canvas and acrylic paints work on either a coated or non coasted surface. You can always choose to skip the varnish sealant by making your request known to us in the Special Comments section when placing your order.