Canvas Care

Now you have this beautiful canvas and you’re wondering how to properly take care of it so it lasts for years to come? It’s simple and easy!

First of all, choosing where to hang your canvas is important. Pick a location in your home or office that is not directly in the bright sunlight for long periods of time. Although the protective sealant does have UV protection, prolonged sunlight exposure can lead to slight discoloration or fading. Always hang your canvas indoors in a temperature controlled environment, and try to avoid an area that has a very high humidity level.

All of the canvas prints we produce have a protective sealant applied to the surface. This protects the surface of your canvas from scratches, abrasions and from fading and makes caring for your canvas very easy. If you need to clean you canvas use a soft, dry or slightly damp cloth to dust it off. Please do not use any type of solvent or chemical cleaner on the surface of the canvas.

Canvas is a very durable textile but damage from puncture is possible with rough treatment. Please use care and avoid sharp objects around any canvas print, and be careful when transporting your canvas from one location to another.