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Where we come from.

Digital Photos on Canvas is owned by two people, Mike and Amy. Both have a love of painting and photography. Mike comes from a background in the canvas printing industry and has seen the many changes in technology, inks, quality and choices over the last decade.

Digital Photos on Canvas, LLC started in 2006 as the result of Mike and Amy relizing that pictures printed on canvas is the most amazing way to show of your memories.

In 2006 there were companies that would print on canvas but would not stretch the canvas over 1.5" thick stretcher bars instead they would stretch them over .75" thick stretcher bars and to us that didn't look as good as it could. Also some companies offered a decorative wrapped canvas but not a museum wrapped canvas. Although we prefer the look of the decorative wrapped canvas there is a need for a museum wrapped canvas.

H2 - Our Goals

At Digital Photos on Canvas, LLC our mission is to become the headquaters for canvas printing. Print the best quality possible at the best price in a way that is easy for the customer.

H3- Future of Digital Photos on Canvas.

We have recently started a express website conveniently called Digital Photos on Canvas Express. The purpose of this was to target the reseller market but the site is available for everyone. The purpose of having a seperate express site is that people can upload their photos they are printed on canvas but not stretched this keeps the shipping costs low, the handling costs low, while increasing our volume of sales which brings down the cost for both sites.

We also have started to represent artists and will getting further and further into the art reproduction market with unique and amazing painters. If you know an artist

that would like to have someone sell reproductions of their work please send them to us at our call to artists page on our express site.